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A second chance for Scratchers at the California State Lottery (expired)

Test your fate and enter the lottery again

How extremely incredible would it be if you had a second go at everything in your life. Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you have got a second chance to win the lottery because that is what California State Lottery is bringing for you! Use your Scratcher lottery tickets, the ones that you have scratched already and not won, and enter the money game once more. So hurry and find your old tickets because you might be sitting on a fortune if your luck works it’s charm. This promotion period lasts for a total of nine weeks (July 15th, 2012 to September 15th, 2012) so make sure not to waste any time. By following some straightforward steps, you will be able to get your fate rolling and might even land a jackpot! Every week, after entering your $5 Scratcher tickets, you get an opportunity to win one of the 35 packs of Strike It Rich! Scratchers and as there are 9 weeks in total, collectively they make to 315 packs of Strike It Rich! Scratchers – your life just got better. What’s more is that one pack of the Strike It Rich! Scratchers contain 80 tickets. Now that is A LOT. What are you waiting for? Follow the steps given below and enter the exciting rumble of the California State Lottery.

What you need to know about California State Lottery

The process of developing the California State Lottery began in 1984, in Sacramento, California, and it took them a year to sell their first lottery tickets. The main purpose of starting this initiative was to dispense more money for the schools without collecting higher taxes, as stated by the California State Lottery Act. Some games, from a total of eight, that are a part of the lottery are Daily 3, Daily 4, SuperLotto Plus and Powerball. Being extremely helpful, lottery prizes that are not claimed on time go to the California public schools.

The logo for the multi-state lottery Powerball.

Steps you need to follow for a second go at the California State Lottery

Get a hold on to your Scratcher (the ticket with which you did not win for the first time) and switch your laptop on to start paving your way to your lottery.

California State Lottery gives you a second chance to try your luck and enter your ticket number (one with which you lost the first time) once again. Test your fate and believe in yourself for there is no stopping you now! ]]>