free dream lottery numbers

Free dream lottery numbers

Dream Words and Name Translation for PICK 3 and PICK 4

Dream Words:

Since the beginning of human kind explaining dreams and evaluating dreams was known to help cope with the past and help with the future of the dreamers and the people surrounding them. Whether the person with the dream was famous, infamous or a normal person, dreams have meaning. An important meaning that is. Dreams are bearers of news, insight and maybe a view into a brighter future.

“Dreams are mirrors; reflecting the yesterday towards the tomorrow today.”

The meaning of dreams

For ages many have tried to find out the meaning of dreams. That they say, what they are about for the dreamers and their loved ones. Warnings sometimes, requests for help, even the expectations of good fortune. But dreams are not to be seen as literal as they appear to be. If you dream about an apple, it does not mean that you have to pick some. If you see a dark cloud, does not mean it will rain. The meaning is hidden; way below the surface of the words and visual scenes that you are experience within a dream. There are many approaches on how to find out what the dreams you had or have are really about; many books were written, many research done. many people dedicated their whole life to the topic.

Dreams and winning

What does lottery, winning in particular have to do with dreams? Dreams are related to the people dreaming, to what they are doing for a living, what they are doing for fun, about their family, about the people they care about, about their values, interests, their hopes and their feelings.

If you play lotteries (for living or for fun) you are involved in it, it is a part of your life, even if it is only a small part of it. It is a part of life it, like many, many other things. If that is the case with you, and dreams have impact on your life they can also help you with your playing the lottery. A way of trying to use the dreams to your advantage is to try to find out what the dreams will tell you to find your fortune in the future. It might no be a fortune, maybe only a little win here or there, but it will affect you positively of course.

Words translated into numbers

Numbers are used a define quantity, what you own, what you need, what you hope for; numbers are defining events, your birthday, the main impacts of your life, events are occurring throughout your life, good events, challenging events, events you are happy about, events that are difficult to cope with. Numbers are a major key for humans, an easy way to categorize information, plan and calculate.

Translating words (dream words, words that are important to you) and names (dream names, friends, people you care for) into numbers is another approach to make sense out of experiences and also make sense of the dreams you have.

There are many ways of doing this, on this page you see on. The approach here used is an old one, a very old one. The base of this system brings you back into the times of the Vikings, the beginning of the Germanic alphabet (futhark). It relates to the Runes, in particular the 16 letters of the Danish Vikings used 500 years before the birth of Christ. The runes are not just basic letters, they have a value and meaning and deeper sense to them. They are used to tell the future and the virtues of the bearer. They were used to warn, to support, to improve the powers of the owners. And they did just that.

The use of the translation on this page is free, free of charge. It works the best with Germanic words, the words of the men and women that defined it, the ancestors that believed in it and proved that belief what is necessary to improve your life and – in a lottery sense – to win.

So offer your fate and fortune to past, to the dreams, the thunder and the lightning, the powers of water and the sun, the earth itself; everything that brought us were we are and will bring us to fulfill the dreams that we are dreaming.


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