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Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

Take a look at the hot and cold Lotto numbers below to find out which have been drawn the most since the game began and which have appeared the least. You can view the most common pairs and triplets, as well as useful statistics about previous jackpots. Use these popular Lotto numbers on your next board – they could be lucky for you too.

Lotto Hot Numbers

These are the hot Lotto numbers from every draw since the game began, those that have been drawn more times than any other. You can see how many times and how recently each number has been drawn.

Lotto Cold Numbers

Here are the numbers that have been drawn the least in Lotto’s history. The stats below include how many times each number has been drawn, as well as how long it has been since each one last appeared.

Most Overdue Numbers

Below are the Lotto numbers that haven’t appeared for the longest time. You can compare the length of time since each number was last drawn, as well as how often they have been selected overall.

Use the stats below to discover the most popular Lotto numbers. You can see how many times each number has appeared in draws, as well as how many days it has been since each one was last drawn.

View the Lotto Hot and Cold numbers along with other statistics, including most overdue numbers, number frequencies, jackpot trends and more. ]]>