how much does a lotto max ticket cost

How to Play Lotto Max

Lotto Max draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights at approximately 9.15pm Eastern Time and cost $5 to enter. Ticket sales cut off on the night of the draw, with the specific time varying from region to region; players should check with their local shops what time they stop selling tickets. In each Lotto Max draw, seven balls numbered from 1 to 50 are randomly selected. An eighth Bonus Ball is also drawn, which gives players a second chance of winning a prize if they missed winning with the main numbers. Entering a draw is quick and easy; it should only take 2 minutes to enter if you have a pen and playslip to hand. Follow the steps below to enter a Lotto Max draw:

Choose seven numbers from between 1 and 50, or opt for a Quick Pick which allows the numbers to be automatically generated. After choosing one line of numbers, players receive two further, random sets of seven numbers, giving each ticket up to three chances of winning.

Players also have an option in some regions of Canada to play ENCORE, a supplementary game where they can play up to an additional five numbers, taking the total amount of chosen numbers to 12. You can also choose to play a set number of draws in advance should you wish to enter more than one week in row or both a Tuesday and Friday draw with the same numbers.

Each Lotto Max ticket costs $5 for the three sets of numbers entered into each draw. If you chose to play the additional ENCORE game then this will add a further $1 onto your ticket price.

Visit the latest numbers page soon after the draw has taken place to check your ticket against the winning numbers to see if you have won a prize in any of the nine different tiers.

To win a prize, players must match a minimum of three numbers with those drawn. A total of 48% of all ticket sales is allocated to the prize fund, which is called the Pools Fund, with 87.25% of that money going towards the jackpot prize. The remaining amount is split between the other eight prize tiers.

How to Play MaxMillions

MaxMillions is an additional game, played only when the Lotto Max jackpot exceeds $50 million. A varying number of $1 million prizes become available, giving players more chances to win. Each MaxMillions prize has its own separate draw of seven numbers. So for example, if there are 12 MaxMillions prizes on offer, there will be a total of 13 draws – one for the main Lotto Max game and 12 more, one for each $1 million MaxMillions prize. A player’s Lotto Max numbers are valid for every MaxMillions draw on the same night; in the example given, players would have 13 times more chances to win a million-dollar prize than in a normal Lotto Max draw.

MaxMillions prizes are won just like the Lotto Max jackpot, though there are no secondary prize tiers. They are also given out in the same way as a Lotto Max jackpot; if more than one player lays claim to a MaxMillions prize, it is shared between the winners.

To play Lotto Max, choose seven numbers from 1 to 50. Learn more about draw times, how to win and the ENCORE option in our how to play guide. ]]>