how old to buy a lottery ticket

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Age to purchase lottery ticket or play a lottery

You must be 18 to purchase a lottery ticket. If you require additional information, contact Gaming Services.

Age to purchase lottery ticket or play a lottery


Lottery tickets and scratch cards

It is illegal to sell lottery tickets/scratch cards to someone under the age of 16.

If you do not believe the customer is over 16 (or 21 if a Challenge 21 policy is in place) ask for proof of age (passport/photo driving licence/PASS accredited proof of age card)

If you are still unsure refuse the sale. You may wish to record the details in a refusals register to show that you are refusing sales.

It is illegal for members of staff under 16 to sell lottery tickets or scratch cards.

It is advisable to ensure that your staff are fully trained in order to prevent them making sales of age restricted products. Any training they receive should be documented within a record of training form.

You commit an offence if:

Reporting underage sales

If you suspect a retailer of selling any of these products to anyone under the minimum age, please report them via Citizens Advice Bureau. They manage the national Consumer Advice Service, and staff there assess each problem and pass it on to the relevant body, such as Trading Standards.

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