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Тест по английскому языку, 4 класс


1.My dog is ………… than my cat. (smart)

2.The cow’s tail is …………. than the sheep’s tail. (long)

3.The elephant is …………. than the giraffe. (short)

4.The tortoise is ………… than the hare. (slow)

5.This hat is ……….. than that hat. (nice)

6.His sofa is …………. than her sofa. (comfortable)

7.China is ……… than Canada. (large)

8.Russian is ……….. than German. (difficult)

9.Apples are ………… than oranges. (cheap)

10.This game is ………… than that game. (interesting)

11.Your marks are ………… than my marks. (good)

12.Autumn is ………… than spring. (bad)

13.My mum gets ……….. money than my dad. (little)

14.Kate knows ……….. about Italy than I do. (much)

15.London is ……….than Moscow. (old)

16.Monkeys are …………than rabbits. (funny)

17.Spring is ………..than winter. (warm)

18.Leopards are …………..than horses. (quick)

19.Maths is ……………than History. (difficult)

20.Mike is ………..than Peter. (tall)

21.Whales are ………….than dolphins. (strong)

22.Crocodiles are ………..than snakes. (angry)

23.The ocean is ………..than the sea. (deep)

24.Mice are …………than rats. (small)

25.His shirt is ………..than his trousers. (dirty)

26.Winter is ……….. season of the year. (cold)

27.Betty is ……….. pupil in our class. (good)

28.Bears are …………. animals in the forest. (big)

29.I am ………… boy in the world. (happy)

30.This is …………. bike in the shop. (expensive)

31.This is ………….day for me. (bad)

32.Christmas is ……………holiday of my sister. (favourite)

33.Sally is ………..girl in the class. (lazy)

34.This story is …………in the book. (interesting)

35.John is my ………….. friend. (good)

36.Pushkin is ………….poet in the world. (famous)

37.Paris is one of ……………….cities in Europe. (wonderful)


I .Впишите недостающие буквы в слова.

1.wa_ _ _ 2.le_ _ _n _ _ n 4.l _ _ ch 5.e _ _ ry 6.w _ _ h

II. Заполнитепропускинужнымисловами : music / home / comes / dress / shower / lunch

1.Mr Green is going __________.

2.David __________ home at three o’clock.

3.Do you have ___________ at school or at home?

4.Lizzy is little, she can’t _________.

5.Tess is listening to ___________.

6.Where is Pete? – He is taking a ___________.

III. Раскройтескобки , поставивглаголыв Present Continuous Tense.

1.Look, the children ______________ ( come ) home from school.

2.Jill ____________ ( play ) the piano in the hall now.

3.I _____________ ( listen ) to rock music.

4.Ron and Bob _____________ ( help ) their mum.

5.The bird ____________ ( sing ) on the tree.

IV .Напишите вопросы к предложениям.

1.Mike is playing computer games. (What……………………?)

2.My brother is going to the cinema now. (Where…………………….?)

3.The dog is barking loudly. (How……………………?)

4.We are meeting our parents. (Whom…………………….?)

5.I am reading a book. ( What ……………………?)

V .Запишитепредложения, обращаявниманиенапорядокслов.

1. where / Kate / helping / her / is / parents ?

2.listening / what / friends / are / your / to?

3.not / my / is / now / cooking / mum.

4.home / John’s / is / father / driving. / TV / I / watching / at the moment.

VI .Соотнесите вопросы и ответы на них.

1.When are Greg and Sam playing football? A. To music

2.Where is Ann helping her parents with the pigs? B. Milk

3.What is Jane listening to? C. English songs

4.What are the cats drinking now? D. In the afternoon

5. What are they singing? E. On the farm


I. Впишитенедостающиебуквывслова .

1.dr _ _ s _ _ _ ly 3.o _ _ en _ _ sh 5.h _ _ e _ _ c

II. Заполнитепропускинужнымисловами : take / washes/ begins/ every / lunch / lesson

1.What does Emily cook for ___________?

2.Leo’s school ____________ at nine.

3.Don’t _________ my books, please.

4.Does Jim go to the swimming pool ________ day?

5.He never ___________ his cat.

6.What do you do at the Russian __________?

III. Раскройтескобки , поставивглаголыв Present Continuous Tense.

1.Boris _______________ ( speak ) French now.

2.We _______________ ( have ) breakfast.

3.Look, the monkeys _______________ ( jump ) in the trees.

4.I _____________ ( talk ) on the phone at the moment.

5.My dad ______________ ( drive ) to work.

IV .Напишите вопросы к предложениям.

1.The girl is watching a cartoon. (What…………………. )

2.My granny is making a banana cake. (What cake……………………?)

3.We are going to school. (Where……………………?)

4.Bob is playing the guitar in the room. (Where………………….?)

5.I am talking with my friends now. ( Whom ………………………….. with ?)

V .Запишитепредложения, обращаявниманиенапорядокслов.

1.the children / doing / what / are / now?

2.are / Jenny and Rose / where / playing?

3.having / Mary / her / is / lesson / music.

4.not / sleeping / I / at the moment / am. / my / to / going / grandpa / fish.

VI .Соотнесите вопросы и ответы на них.

1.When does Emma dress? A. Hello!

2.What is the kitten eating? B. Books

3.Where are the boys riding their bikes? C. Fish

4.What is Gregory saying? D. In the morning

5.What are the girls reading? E . Inthepark


I .Запишите пары слов с противоположным значением.

upstairs tidy narrow in front of on the right dirty

wide clean on the left downstairs messy behind

II. Выберитенужныеместоимения .

1.Ihaveaflat. ( My/Me ) flat is not very big.

2.We are pilots. ( Us/Our ) place is in the sky.

3.This is Richard’s house. ( It/Its ) roof is red.

4.Do you know my mother? Can you see ( she/her ) in the photo?

5.Mike, what can you say to ( our/us )?

III .Соедините начало и конец предложений.

1.Sue has a lot of a)and comfortable flat

2.Meg’s children like b)bright and modern kitchen

3.They have a c)to play in the living room

4.His room is d)photos in her room

5.We like our new e)never messy

IV .Задайте вопросы к предложениям.

1.She is sitting in the armchair. (Where……………………. )

2.My mum is having lunch now. (When……………………….?)

3.The children are watching TV. (What…………………….…?)

4.I am smiling happily. (How………………….……. )

5.Rex is meeting me by the door. ( Whom …………….………. )

V .Прочитайте текст, определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Mary Nixon lives in England. She is from London. But she is not in London now. Mary is on the farm. Her farmhouse is very big and comfortable. The rooms in the house are tidy and cosy. Mary loves her farmhouse and the animals on the farm. She feeds her cows and sheep in the morning and in the evening.

1.Mary lives in the USA.

2.Mary’s house is not small.

3.The rooms are not dirty.

4.Mary doesn’t like to live on the farm.

5.Mary feeds her animals two times a day.


I .Запишите пары слов с противоположным значением.

go to bed always clean high old in front of

low young behind get up dirty never

II. Выберитенужныеместоимения .

1.Mrs Green likes to play lotto with ( she/her ) friends.

2.( We/Us ) are happy to see you.

3.They have a carpet in ( they/their ) room.

4.Children, open ( your/you ) books, please.

5.I have a brother. Do you know ( his/him )?

III .Соедините начало и конец предложений.

1.We have a big carpet a)very modern

2.Jane has a lot of cups b)to watch TV in the living room

3.My new house is c)on the floor

4.I can see a lot of flowers d)in her cupboard

5.Peter likes e)in the garden

IV .Задайте вопросы к предложениям.

1.Betty is singing a song. (What…………………………?)

2.The birds are flying to Africa. (Where……………………. )

3.I am calling to my friend. (Whom……………………….?)

4.My grandpa is sitting on the sofa. (Where………………………. )

5.The boys are diving now. ( When ………………………?)

V .Прочитайте текст, определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Rob Parker is a pilot. Now he is not in his plane. He is at home. Rob has a comfortable flat. Rob is in the kitchen. He is helping his wife to cook lunch. They are cooking fish. Rob likes fish. They often eat it for lunch.

1. Rob is a teacher.

2. Rob has a wife.

3. Rob has an old flat.

4. He never helps his wife in the kitchen.

5. Rob doesn’t like fish.


I. Выберитенужнуюформуглагола : is/ are.

1.There ……a plate and two cups in the cupboard.

2.There …..some milk on the table.

3.There ……seven days in a week.

4.There ……some plants on the windowsill.

5.There …..a lot of desks in the classroom.

II .Заполните пропуски необходимыми предлогами.

1.I go to school____( in/at ) eight in the morning.

2.There are twenty pupils ____( at/in ) our class.

3.There is some butter ____( behind/on ) the bread.

4.She takes a shower ____( in/on ) the evening.

5.You can see a lot of birds ____( by/in ) the sky.

III .Напишите предложения с оборотами: thereis / thereare .

2.four rooms / flat

3.many apple trees / garden apple / plate

5.a round carpet / floor

IV. Определителишнееслововкаждойстроке .

1.butter bread water meat

2. tea milk butter ice cream

3. chair bed table clock

4. bathroom kitchen flat living room

5. Friday Tuesday June Sunday

V .Прочитайте текст, определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Rex is a dog. It lives in a doghouse. The doghouse is in the garden next to our house. There are not any trees in the garden, but there are two flowerbeds with a lot of flowers there. Rex likes to run in the garden. But now Rex is not running, it is sleeping under the bench.

1.Rex doesn’t live in the house.

2.There are many trees in the garden.

3.There are no flowers in the garden.

4.Rex likes to run behind the house.

5. Now the dog isn’t running.


I. Выберитенужнуюформуглагола : is/are .

1.There ……some tea in the cup.

2.There ……twelve months in a year.

3.There ……a lot of animals in the zoo.

4.There ……a bed, a bookcase and a chair in the room.

5.There ……some trees in the garden.

II .Заполните пропуски необходимыми предлогами.

1.There are three rooms ____( at / in ) the flat.

2.I have a shower ____( in / on ) the morning.

3.We don’t go to school ____( in / on ) Sunday.

4.The cat is sleeping ____ ( behind / on ) the floor.

5.My granny likes to sit ____ ( in front of / in ) the armchair.

III .Напишите предложения с оборотами: thereis / thereare .

1.some flowers / vase

2.five apples / dish

3.a sofa / living room

4.a lot of desks / classroom

5. somebutter / plate

IV .Определителишнееслововкаждойстроке.

1. apples oranges cakes bananas

2.behind always near under

3.breadcoffee juice water

4.March April Monday July

V .Прочитайте текст, определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Mr and Mrs Finn live on the farm. They have a big house with five rooms in it. They have a lot of animals on the farm: two cows, a horse and three sheep. Their dog Lord lives in a doghouse. Now the dog is sleeping under the tree.

1.The Finns are a husband and a wife.

2.Their house isn’t small.

3.There are many animals on their farm.

4.Their dog doesn’t live in the house.

5.Now the dog is sleeping in the tree.


I .Вставьте недостающие буквы.

1. s _ g _ r 2. ch _ _ se 3. b _ c _ n 4. b _ tt _ r 5. s _ lt 6. cr _ _ m

II .Раскройте скобки, используя соответствующие степени сравнения прилагательных.

1.The lion is _________ (strong) than the horse.

2.I am ___________ (smart) in the class.

3.My mum likes coffee _________ (much) than tea.

4.She has _____________ (beautiful) flowers in the town.

5.We speak Russian __________ (good) than English.

6.Betty is _________ (tall) than Jenny.

7.Maths is ___________ (difficult) than History.

8.Summer is ________ (hot) than spring.

9.Ants are __________ (little) than bees.

10.Winter is ___________ (cold) season of the year.

11. Monday is __________ (bad) day of the week.

12. I have ___________ (light) room in the flat.

13. Cats are _________ (cute) than dogs.

III .Чем является подчёркнутое слово: глаголом ( Verb ) или существительным ( Noun ).

1.The long jump is a sport.

2.The children like to dance .

3.Can you water the flowers?

4.Please, answer the phone.

5.I don’t like long walks .

IV .Найдите лишнее слово в каждой строке. enjoy think walk make

2.sweet sugar chocolate bread jam

3.milkwater juice coffee butter

4.plums oranges apples cherry grapes

5.tasty pleasant nice chimp wonderful

V. Соотнеситевопросыиответы .

1.Do you like porridge? A . No, there isn’t.

2.Can I have a cup of black tea? B. Yes, she does.

3. Is there any butter in the fridge? C. No, I don’t.

4. What does your friend have for supper? D . Yes, you can.

5. Does Bessy like vegetables? E. He has some meat.


I. Вставьтенедостающиебуквы . _ _ d _ f _ e 3.c _ ick _ n 4.w _ t _ r 5.r _ ce 6.sw _ _ t

II .Раскройте скобки, используя необходимые степени сравнения прилагательных.

1.The snail is _________ (slow) than the turtle.

2.I am __________ (good) dancer in my class.

3.He likes oranges __________ (much) than apples.

4.Ted has __________ (expensive) car in the town.

5.London is ________ (old) than Moscow.

6.The butterfly is ___________ (beautiful) than the bee.

7.November is _________ (short) than December.

8.I speak English _________ (bad) than Russian.

9.Little Sam is __________ (young) of the Browns.

10.Spring is _________ (cool) season of a year.

11.Chocolate is _________ (tasty) than sweets.

12.Mike runs __________ (quick) than Peter.

13.Mice are _________ (small) than rats.

III .Чем является подчёркнутое слово: глаголом ( Verb ) или существительным ( Noun ).

1.We like to walk .

2.The pupils can’t answer the questions.

3.Your dance is wonderful.

4.The teacher doesn’t like the boy’s jumps .

5.Tea is a hot drink .

IV .Найдите лишнее слово в каждой строке.

1.tallstrong weak beautiful small

2.funnyclean cosytasty tidy

3.lunchdinner breakfast soup supper butter milk cheese cream

V .Соотнесите вопросы и ответы.

1.Does the cat like milk? A .No, there aren’t.

2.Would you like some tea? B .In the park.

3.Are there any apples on the plate? C. Yes, please.

4.Can she cook? D .Yes, it does.

5.Where do the boys play football? E . No , shecan ’ t .


I .Заполнитепропускиподходящимипосмыслусловами:

city / capital / town / abroad / / Square .

1.Many tourists come to Moscow. Almost all of them visit Red __________.

2.When people travel _________, they usually take a lot of luggage.

3.New York is a very big American __________.

4.London is the _________ of the United Kingdom.

5.The family lived in a small ________ not far from Madrid.

1.In autumn most days are cold, rainy and _______.

a)foggy b)hot c)sunny

2.Last weekend my family and I went _____ the sea.

3.Fred never writes letters ____ his friends.

4.I like to _______ to music.

a)write b)play c)listen

5.My mum usually drinks coffee ____ breakfast.

I.Read the text and choose: True (T), False (F) or Not Stated (NS).

Peter is ten years old. He loves holidays. Summer holidays are his favourite because they are the longest. He usually visits his grandparents on their farm. But next summer Peter won’t go there. He is going to France. He will go there with his two brothers who are sixteen years old. They will visit Paris and Disneyland.

Peter’s brothers were in Paris last summer. They have some friends there. Their friends invited them to come to Paris again. Peter and his brothers will live with them. They decided to see a lot of interesting and wonderful places in Paris and meet some French people. Peter and his brothers will travel by plane to France but they are going to travel by train about the country.

1.Peter likes summer holidays most of all.

2.Last year Peter was on the farm.

3.Next summer Peter will travel.

4.Peter decided to go to France with his brothers.

5.Peter is older than his brothers.

6.Peter is going to live in a hotel.

7.Peter will try to meet some French people.

8.Peter’s brothers are going to learn French.

9.The boys are going to travel to France by ship.

10.The boys are going to travel about France.

II.Choose the necessary forms of the verbs.

1.Next year Peter ( won’t travel / travels ) about Russia, he ( will travel / travels ) in Europe. He ( will visit /visited ) Rome and small Italian towns.Peter ( will try / tries ) to meet a lot of Italian people. He is learning Italian and he ( will talk / talks ) to them.

2.Last summer Mary ( travels / travelled ) about Russia.Her parents and she ( decide / decided ) to go to St Petersburg.Mary ( invited / will invite ) her best friend Tatyana to joun them.In St Petersburg they ( visit /visited ) a lot of beautiful places.In the evenings they ( talk / talked ) about the wonderful city.

3.Every summer Lena ( travel / travels ) to London. She ( is learning / learns ) English there. She usually ( live/ lives ) with her friend Ruby. The girls ( speak / speaks ) English a lot. It is summer now and Lena is in London. She ( doesn’t study / isn’t studying ) now, she ( has / is having ) lunch.

III.Choose the correct variant.

1. Sam __________ ( decided / joined / talked ) to visit his cousins on holiday.

2. I am going to _________ ( join / invite / visit ) all my friends to the party.

3. I am going to _________ ( visit / join / travel ) to Spain soon.

4. John invited us to _________ ( him / his / his place ).

5. I always try _________ ( my better / my best / best ) at school.

6. Jane and Rose will come home _________ ( after / soon / before ).

I . Прослушайте текст и определите, являются ли утверждения верными или нет.

1.Sue is from England.

2. Sue lives in a house in London

3.Sue’s mother is a teacher.

4. Sue doesn’t have a sister.

5. Sue goes to school with her brothers.

6. Sue’s brothers like video games.

7. Sue plays the piano every day.

8. Sue’s brothers don’t listen to the music Sue plays.

II .Прослушайте три высказывания и соотнесите их с утверждениями. Одноутверждениелишнее .

1.The girl’s room isn’t always tidy.

2.The girl likes to eat at home.

3.The girl never plays video games in her room.

4.The girl likes to come to a cottage in the countryside.

III .Прослушайте высказывания Джека, Сэма и Мартина про еду и соотнесите их с утверждениями.

A.There are vegetables in Jack’s fridge.

B.Sam is cooking.

C.Martin doesn’t like the soup.

IV . Прослушайте, что говорят Пол, Ник и Джон про погоду. Соотнесите имена мальчиков с характером погоды, которую они описывают.

V. Прослушайте, что говорит Энн про визит своей подруги Сэлли, и определите, являются ли утверждения верными или нет.

1.Sally is from USA.

2.Sally is in New York now.

3.The girls are going to visit a lot of places in Moscow.

4.Sally can speak some Russian.

5. Ann and Sally are going to read some Russian books.

6.Next summer Ann wants to go to the USA.

7.Ann wants to travel about the USA with Sally.


Hi! I am Sue. I am from Kent, England. I live in a big house together with my parents and two brothers. My father’s name is Kevin. He is a dentist. My mother’s name is Louise. She doesn’t go to work. My brothers’ names are John and Max. I love them very much. We always go to school together. After school they usually play video games. But I don’t like video games. I like to watch programmes about wild animals on television. In the evening I sometimes play the piano and my brothers listen to my music. I love my family very much.

Sp.1. My parents and I live in a flat in Glasgow but I don’t like it because it is small. Every weekend I go to the countryside to visit my grandmother. She lives in a cottage and I love it. It is comfortable and cosy. She has a big garden in front of the house. I like to play there in the summer. My grandmother has a lot of beautiful pictures on the walls in the living room and she often shows them to me. She also has an old sofa. We often sit on it and read books.

Sp.2. My bedroom is upstairs. My bed is in front of the window and my desk is next to it. I have two bookcases behind the desk and a computer on it. I usually do my homework and play video in my bedroom. I have a lot of great disks and interesting books there, too. I don’t have a carpet but I have a comfortable armchair by the door. I usually read books in this armchair. I am not very tidy. So my bedroom is often messy!

Sp.3. I love our kitchen. It is on the ground floor of our cottage. We have a big table in the middle and four chairs around it. Our kitchen is very cosy and modern. By the window you can see a lot of small cupboards and on the left we have shelves. My mother cooks for us there. In the evening all our family have dinner in the kitchen and I love it!

Sp.1. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. I’m making tea for breakfast. My parents have their tea strong but I don’t. I’m making some sandwiches too. There is some ham, cheese and butter on the table in front of me.

Sp.2. I usually have lunch at school. It starts at 12 o’clock. It’s 12 o’clock now so I’m going downstairs to the lunch room. Today we are having fish soup and chicken with rice for lunch. I like chicken but I don’t think fish soup is tasty.

Sp.3. I’m hungry. I would like some potatoes for dinner but there are no potatoes in the fridge. I would like some bacon with rice but there is no bacon in the fridge. What is there in the fridge? There are only tomatoes and cucumbers. I would like tomato and cucumber salad!

Paul. Last spring I was in Paris. It was rainy and windy there. There were dark and low clouds in the sky. The sun wasn’t shining. There was some snow one day!

Nick . Last summer the weather in Moscow was good. The sky was always clear and blue. There were no clouds in it. It wasn’t windy or rainy. It was warm and dry.

John. I am in Rome now. It is very dry and hot here. The sun always shines in the clear blue sky. The wind isn’t blowing now. I want to go and swim in the sea but I can’t. I want some cloudy and rainy weather! I am tired of the sun.

Hi! I’m Ann. I have a friend from New York. Her name is Sally. She is living with me in Moscow now for her holidays. I’m going to take Sally to see a lot of interesting places – the Kremlin, Moscow museums and Moscow Zoo. Sally decided to learn some Russian and I am going to teach her. We will watch some Russian films. We will meet with some of my friends and Sally will try to speak Russian with them. I think that Sally will have a very good time in Moscow. I want to visit her next summer and travel about the USA together with her.

I .Прочитайте текст и определите, являются ли утверждения верными ( True ) или нет ( False ).

Last weekend was very pleasant for Tessa. On Saturday morning she was at home but on Saturday afternoon she was in the park with her friends. It wasn’t windy or rainy. The day was warm and sunny and Tessa was happy. In the evening Tessa was in the swimming pool.

On Sunday Tessa’s brother and Tessa were in their grandmother’s cottage. Their parents were not with them, they were at work. It was foggy and windy on Sunday and the children were in the cottage together with their grandmother and her little dog. The dog was not happy. It likes to run but it can’t run in the cottage.

It is Monday evening now. The children aren’t walking in the park, they are at home. It is rainy and cold in the street. The sky is cloudy. Tessa doesn’t like nasty weather but her father does. He is putting on his boots and his coat. He wants to go to the shops and buy some food.

1.On Saturday afternoon Tessa was at home.

2.On Saturday the weather was fine.

3.Tessa was at school on Saturday.

4.On Sunday Tessa’s parents were at home.

5.Tessa’s brother was in the park on Sunday.

6.The weather wasn’t fine on Sunday.

7.The grandmother’s dog wasn’t happy on Sunday.

8.The children are in the cinema now.

9.The sun is shining in the blue sky now.

10.Tessa’s father doesn’t like nasty weather.

II .Выберите вариант ответа, чтобы сделать предложения лексически правильными.

1.Tom and Jim were in London two weeks ________ ( before / ago / after ).

2._________ ( Take on /Put on / Take off ) your coat when you are at home.

3.A strong wind is _________ ( shining / going / blowing ).

4.It is rainy, windy and cold. The weather is __________ ( nasty /fine / dry ).

5.The day was beautiful. The sun was shining ______ ( on /in / off ) the sky.

III .Раскройте скобки, используя прилагательные в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

1.The windows in the classroom are ___________ ( narrow ) than in my bedroom.

2.Jane is my _________ ( good ) friend. We are always together.

3.Your kitchen is __________ ( modern ) than my kitchen.

4.The sofa in my room is the ____________ ( comfortable ) sofa in my flat.

5.Last November the weather was _________ ( bad ) than last December.

6.Yesterday was the ___________ ( warm ) day of the week.

7. It is _________ ( sunny ) today than yesterday.

8. Last October was the _________ ( rainy ) month of the year.

IV . Составьте из слов предложения, обращая внимание на порядок слов.

1. snowy / winters / Russia / usually / cold / are / and / in.

2. Great Britain / often / is / foggy / it / in.

3. dark / the / clouds / yesterday / were / low / and.

4. rainy / it / the / street / in / was?

I .Прочитайте текст и определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Hi! I’m Helen. My mother is a doctor and she works in a hospital. She doesn’t have time to cook in the morning so I help her. I can make porridge and my parents and I eat it with butter and sugar. I can make tea and coffee too. When we don’t have porridge, we eat sandwiches, have juice and cornflakes with milk. My dad, Peter Robins, likes ham sandwiches and my mother likes bread and butter or cheese sandwiches. I eat cornflakes with milk and jam. They are my favourite! My mother and I always drink orange juice but my dad likes apple juice. I have tea with milk for breakfast and my parents drink strong coffee. We don’t eat soup, salad or chicken for breakfast. We have them for lunch or dinner. At weekends my mother makes bacon and eggs. I like them very much.

1.Helen’s mother always cooks in the morning.

2.Helen’s Family eat porridge with jam and butter.

3.Helen can make coffee.

4.Cheese sandwiches are MrRobins’sfavourite.

5. Mrs Robins sometimes eats bread and butter.

6. Cornflakes are Helen’s favourite.

7. Helen’s parents drink orange juice.

8. Helen has tea and her parents have coffee for breakfast.

9. The Robins eat soup for lunch or dinner.

10. Helen’smother makes ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast at weekends.

II .Выберите вариант ответа, чтобы сделать предложения лексически правильными.

1.New cucumbers are _________ ( tasty /favourite/ yellow ).

2.In the evening we have _________ ( lunch /dinner / breakfast ) in our kitchen.

3.Paul doesn’t take a bus to school. He ________ ( goes / does / walks ) there.

4.I like my porridge _______ ( in /with / at ) sugar.

5.What’s ________ ( for / on / at ) supper?

6.Can you make ________ ( lunch /food / dish ), please?

7.The pupils are in the ________ ( class /classroom / classes ). They are ready for the lesson.

8.Peter is ______ ( at the /on the / to the ) blackboard.

9._______ ( Give / Take / Put ) some bread and jam on the bread.

10.I am sorry but I don’t _________ ( answer /ask / understand ) the question.

11. I drink ________ ( brown /strong / clean ) tea.

12. There are __________ ( thirteen /three / thirty ) days in November.

13. There is a plant in a pot on the ____________ ( window /windowsill / room ).

14. The __________ ( water / plant / soup ) in the lake is clean and blue.

III .Выберите нужную форму глагола.

1.There ( is /are ) ten plants in pots in our classroom.

2.There ( is / are ) some apple jam on the bread.

3.There ( is / are ) a lot of questions after the text for you.

4.There ( is / are ) a long blackboard on the wall.

5.There ( is /are ) fifty-seven rooms in the school.

6.There ( is / are ) a sofa in the teacher’s room.

I .Прочитайте текст и определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

Hi! My name is Ann. I want to tell you about my friend Monica’s house. Monica is from the USA. She lives with her parents, Mr and Mrs Richards, her brother Bobbie and their dog. Monica’s family have a big house: they have a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom downstairs and four bedrooms with two bathrooms upstairs. They also have a garage for two cars and a fantastic garden in front of the house.

I like Monica’s bedroom. It is big and comfortable. There is a bed next to the door and a sofa on the right. Monica’s desk is by the window, and next to it she has a bookcase and a bookshelf. You can see Monica’s books on the bookshelf. My friend is very tidy and her room is always clean. Monica has a lot of pictures and photos on the wall by the door.As for the kitchen, it has a wide window and many modern cupboards. There is a table by the window. At weekends Monica and her parents have meals in the kitchen. Bobbie isn’t always at home at weekends because he sometimes studies on Saturday or on Sunday. He wants to be a doctor and he studies a lot. I like Monica’s house very much because it is cosy and comfortable.

1.Monica is from America.

2.The Richards’ house is not big.

3.One of the Richards’ bedrooms is downstairs.

4.Monica’s family have got two bathrooms in the house.

5. Their garden is behind the house.

6. Monica has a bed and a sofa in her bedroom.

7. Monica’s room is never messy.

8. The kitchen window is narrow.

9. Monica’s brother doesn’t want to be a doctor.

10. Monica’s brother is always at home at weekends.

II .Выберите вариант ответа, чтобы сделать предложения лексически правильными.

1.I like our two-room __________ ( kitchen / flat / garage ).

2.In the __________ ( left /right / middle ) of the living room we have a carpet.

3.My mother likes big __________ ( cupboards /bookcases / sofas ) in the kitchen.

4.Jenny is _________ ( next / time / ready ) for the lesson.

5.The Jones’ house is comfortable and __________ ( ready / flat /cosy ).

6.Mike’s bedroom is always __________ ( messy /tidy / clean ). He never cleans it.

7.All Sarah’s books are _____________ ( the bookcase / bookcase / in her bookcase ).

8.My sister is __________ ( seeing /showing / taking ) her bedroom to her new friend.

9.In the morning Sue dresses and has _________ ( lunch /breakfast / eat ).

10.Every day my father comes __________ ( house / to work / home ) at 8 o’clock in the evening.

11.My mother usually _________ ( takes /begins / has ) me to school.

12.My cousin always has eggs ________ ( at / to / for ) breakfast.

III . Закончите предложения, используя слова по смыслу: shower / time / lessons / plates / home .

1. Pupils like interesting _________.

2. Our teacher always comes on _________ .

3. Jane can’t speak to you now. She is taking a _________ .

4. My sisters are often at _________ after school.

5. I am washing the _________ now.

I .Прочитайте текст и определите верность ( True ) или неверность ( False ) утверждений.

My name is Ann and I am from Bristol. My family is not very big. I have a father, a mother, a little sister and grandparents. My father is a pilot. He works five days a week. Sometimes he works at weekends too. When he is at home, he always plays with my sister and me. My mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital. She usually works four days a week. My sister Mary is five years old. She doesn’t go to school but she can read a little. In the evening we usually watch TV or read books. At weekends we go for a walk and watch interesting films in the cinema. Oh ….. and I have a cat. Its name is Puff. He is grey and white. Mary likes to play with the cat.

My grandparents live in Scotland so we don’t see them very often. Mary and I usually visit them in summer. My grandpa John and grandma Penny are my mother’s parents. I love my family very much!

1.Ann has a little sister.

2.Ann’s father never works at weekends.

3.Ann’s mother doesn’t work five days a week.

4.Mary isn’t a schoolgirl.

5.Ann’s cat is grey.

6.Ann’s grandparents live in Great Britain.

7.Ann visits her grandparents every weekend.

8.John and Penny are her father’s parents.

II .Выберите вариант ответа, чтобы сделать предложения лексически правильными.

1.Peter is my ___________ ( daughter / sister / cousin ).

2.My friend has no _________ ( school /television / sport ) in his room.

3.I like to __________ ( film / see / watch ) TV with my sister.

4.MrDavids is Monica’s father. Monica is his ________ ( cousin /daughter / mother ).

5.My dad __________ ( sometime / sometimes / some time ) drives to the park in the morning.

6.Sue goes to _________ ( park /the work / work ) early in the morning.

7.We always listen _____ (—/ to / too ) our teacher.

III .Заполните пропуски вопросительными словами: who / why / when (2) / where / whatfilms / what .

1. …………. does Tim play video games? – He likes them.

2. ………….does your father go to work? – He goes to work in the morning.

3. ………….do your cousins like? – They like new films about robots.

4. ………….does Liza live? – She lives in London.

5. ………….do your parents meet in New York?- They meet my sister’s teacher.

6. ………….do you like to watch on TV? – Programmes about wild animals.

7. ………….does your friend play the piano? – He plays the piano in the evening.

IV .Заполните пропуски необходимыми местоимениями: our / its / my / his / their .

1.My parents and I live in England. _____ cottage is not big but it is very cosy. _____ roof is brown.

2.My room is nice and comfortable. ______ sofa is in front of the door.

3.My parents’ bedroom is upstairs. ______ bed is by the window.

4.My dad is in the garage now. He is washing ______ car.

5.I have a cat. _____ name is Pussy.

I .Прочитайте текст и определите верность (Т) или неверность ( F ) утверждений.

Tina was in the country last summer. The weather was nice and the girl was happy. There were a lot of Tina’s friends there and it was fun. They were near the river all day long. The water was very warm and it was great to swim and play in the river. They were never hungry because there were a lot of small food shops in that place. But the ice cream wasn’t nice: it was warm, not cold!

1.The girl was in the country last autumn.

2.The girl wasn’t happy because the weather was bad.

3.It was pleasant to swim in the river.

4.Tina and her friends weren’t hungry.

5.The ice cream was warm and nice.

II. Выберитенужныепредлоги : at / in / by / to / on.

1.We travelled ____ Russia last summer.

2.I talked with my mum ____ the evening.

3.Look _____ the birds on the pond.

4.They decided to travel to America _____ ship.

5.There were some apples _____ the plate.

III. Вставьтевопросительныеслова : why / what / when / how many / where.

1._______ did you meet her? – At school.

2._______ oranges can she see on the dish?

3._______ do they like to travel by car? – It’s more comfortable.

4._______ will Mark talk to the teacher? – Tomorrow evening.

5._______ would you like for breakfast? – Some porridge, please.

IV .Задайте вопросы к подчёркнутым словам.

1.The children will play in the garden . (Where …………………………?)

2.My granny will make an apple pie . (What …………………………. )

3.I will go shopping tomorrow. (When …………………………. )

4.The sun will shine brightly. (How ……………………………. )

5.My parents will travel to Asia by plane. ( How ……………………………. )

V .Выберите нужную форму глагола.

1.Last summer we ( travel / travelled ) to Britain.

2.Usually I ( help / will help ) my mum about the house.

3.She ( is going / will go ) to Spain next summer.

4.Look, the cat ( sleeps / is sleeping ) on the roof!

I .Прочитайте текст и определите верность (Т) или неверность ( F ) утверждений.

It was Sunday yesterday. There were a lot of children in the park. The weather was wonderful. It was warm and sunny. Nina and Sasha played badminton. Tim wanted to fly the kite but it wasn’t windy. Max painted his face and all the children laughed. The boys and the girls were happy because the ice cream was so tasty! Their parents watched them.

1.Yesterday it was the weekend.

2.There were no children in the park.

3.The weather wasn’t bad.

4.It was warm but windy.

5.The children laughed because there were clowns in the park.

II. Выберитенужныепредлоги : to / in / at / by / on.

1.I won’t go to school ____ Saturday.

2.My sister does her homework ____ the evening.

3.Betty wants to invite me ____ her place.

4.We like to travel _____ car.

5.There was a vase ____ the table.

III. Вставьтевопросительныеслова : what / where / when / how / how much.

1._______ will you go next summer? – To Rome.

2._______ water does she drink every day? – About two litres.

3._______ is Ted reading? – “Harry Potter”.

4._______ does Mary sing? – Very well.

5._______ did you talk to her? – Yesterday evening.

IV .Задайте вопросы к подчёркнутым словам.

1.She will have a party next week . (When ……………………………. )

2.I will meet my granny at the railway station. (Whom ………………………………?)

3.We will watch a new film . (What …………………………………?)

4.Susan will dance very well . (How ………………………………….?)

5.The children will play in the park . (Where ……………………………….?)

V .Выберите нужную форму глагола.

1.Next summer we ( go / will go ) to America.

2.What ( do / did ) you do yesterday?

3. Usually I ( have / will have ) breakfast at seven o’clock.

4. My little sister ( sleeps / is sleeping ) now.

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