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Ringwood Athletic Club

St Anne’s Winery Cross Country – R02 XCR 2019-2020

AGM and Trophy Day, 2018 – 2019

Jells Park Cross Country Relays – XCR 01, 2019-2020

ITU 2019 World Championships

Australian Masters 2018 – 2019, Melbourne

Australian Championships 2018 – 2019

Victorian Masters Championships. 2018-2019

Milers Club meets 2018-2019 season

On a cold but mostly dry day we ventured out the St Anne’s Winery for the opening indiviudal Cross Country of the season. This is the second race at the winery which is mostly firm underfoot with a few reasonable hills thrown in.

Charlie Martin ran her fist individual race for the Club in the U18 Womens 3k. Ben Reid and Mitchell Graham picked up a couple of places each in the U20 4km from last years results.

Competitor Age Group Distance Result Place Comments
Charlie Martin U18 3km 14:15.95 16 1st individual CC race for the Club
Ben Reid U20 4km 15:38.73 22 Up two spots from last year
Mitchell Graham U20 4km 16:44.97 25 PB for St. Annes course

Great turnout for the AGM and Trophy day held at the Club on Sunday. The AGM saw Gus Puopolo stand down as Prsident after many uears in the Chair. Lavinia Petrie wil takeover the role of President. The full committe is:

President Lavinia Petrie

Vice President Gus Puopolo

Secretary Kathy Green

Treasurer Warwick Dellow

Minutes Sec Jo Benifer

Committee Anne Lord

10k Cross Country

10k Cross Country

6k Cross Country

8k/12k Cross Country & ½ Marathon

AV Shield Final

2018 -19


Age Group

Please use Bronze recycling

The Winter Season kicked off in typical winter fashion is cool and wet conditions. We were a mixed bag with age groups in our teams so many thanks to our under age athletes for filling to help finish our teams.

Scott Benedict was our fastest in the Open Men and Lana Mooney our fastest in the U20 women. Special mention to Sophie Stokes and Charlie Mrtin running their first Cross Country events for the Club.

Men Open Division 6 – 3rd (6k 2 laps) 1:32.26
1 Lachlan Barrett 23.48 21
2 Matthew Voogd 23.52 20
3 Ben Reid 23.39 18
4 Scott Benedict 21.07 19
Women U20 – 9th (3k 1 lap)
1 Lana Mooney 12.00 18
2 Charlie Martin 13.51
3 Sophie Stokes 12.08 14
Men Under 20
1 Mitchell Graham 24.58 18

Ringwood member Bethany Ludbrook has finished 9th in the 20-24 age group at the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Aquathlon World Championships (Spain). May 2 2019, Thursday.

Bethany was first of the Australian girls within that age group.

The event is a 1km swim followed by a 5km run. Bethany had a swim time of 17:37 and a 5km run time of 24:33, with her last 1200m being her fastest run split.

A lot of great performances over the Australian Masters held at Albert Park from our Senior athletes.

10000m: Tim Norton 33:51.67 (1st)

5000m: Tim Norton 15:24.63 (1st)

1500m: Tim Norton 4:18.51 (1st)

Weight Throw: Nicole Johansen 10.83m (4th)

Shot Put: Nicole Johansen 8.99m (4th)

Javelin: Nicole Johansen 31.04m (3rd)

Hammer: Nicole Johansen 33.05m (4th)

Discus: Nicole Johansen 33.64m (1st)

Throws Pentathlon: Nicole Johansen: Weight Throw: 10.68; Shot Put: 08.91; Javelin: 31.26; Hammer: 34.50; Discus: 31.69

200m:Shane McKenzie 25.15 (5th); 25.10 (P) (1.4); Glen Pratt 27.05 (P) (1.4)

100m:Glen Pratt 13.01 (P) (3.3)

Weight Throw: Angela Edwards 9.22m (5th); Debbie Voogd 8.10m (7th)

Javelin: Angela Edwards 20.99m (5th)

Hammer: Angela Edwards 27.65m (6th)

Pentathlon: Angela Edwards: Shot Put: 07.65; Long Jump: 02.87 (+0.0); Javelin: 24.97; 800m: 3:42.00; 100m: 17.33

Throws Pentathlon: Patrick Carroll: Weight Throw: 12.45; Shot Put: 12.60; Javelin: 35.28; Hammer: 38.30; Discus: 35.56

Shot Put: Patrick Carroll 12.51m (4th)

Hammer: Patrick Carroll 38.13m (5th)

Discus: Patrick Carroll 36.94m (5th)

200m: Kathy Green 34.74 (P) (2.0)

100m: Kathy Green 16.69 (P) (2.9)

60m: Kathy Green 10.14 (8th) (1.9)

Weight Throw: Narelle Messerle 11.37m (4th)

Shot Put: Narelle Messerle 8.63m (1st)

Long Jump: Narelle Messerle 2.96m (2nd) (4.1)

Javelin: Narelle Messerle 17.31m (5th)

High Jump: Narelle Messerle 1.08m (2nd)

Hammer: Narelle Messerle 23.38m (6th)

Discus: Narelle Messerle 22.40m (3rd)

Throws Pentathlon: Narelle Messerle: Weight Throw: FOUL; Shot Put: 08.44; Javelin: 18.79; Hammer: 25.93; Discus: 21.92

5000m: Lavinia Petrie 23:30.93 (1st)

Hammer: Gus Puopolo 25.07m (7th)

The Australian Track and Field Championships were held as a combined Senior and Junior event in Sydney from April 1 to April 8.

The Club were very well represented by 23 athletes who made 35 Finals for 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Also along the way they created 5 new Club Records, 5 if we count Ethan Harris breaking his own U16 400m Hurdles record in the heat and again in the final.

Peter Costanzo was our biggest multiple medal winner with 3, Nathan Philactides won 2 along with Tayleb Willis and Ella Hose who also won 2 medals.

Tayleb Willis broke the U18 110m Hurdles record by 0.01, Ethan Harris set a new U16 400m Hurdles record as well as the flat 400m, Nathan Philactides set a new U16 200m hurdles record and Evangaline Cheung set a new U14 Triple Jump mark.

Competitor Age Group Event Result H or F Place Wind Comments Age
Lateisha Willis Open 100m Hurdles 13.59 h2 4 0.8 19
Lateisha Willis Open 100m Hurdles 13.87 F 7 0.0 19
Danielle Shaw Open 100m Hurdles 13.64 h2 5 0.8 20
Danielle Shaw Open 4 x 100m 47.78 F 4 Started 1st in the relay team 20
Michael Vassilopolous Open Discus 49.76 F 9 27
Nicholas Dyson Open Discus 52.49 F 6 20
Todd Hodgetts Open Shot Put 14.58 F 11 31
Lateisha Willis U20 100m Hurdles 13.94 h1 1 -0.4 19
Lateisha Willis U20 100m Hurdles 13.63 F 1 -1.1 PB and Club best for 19yo 19
Ethan Lamb U20 110m Hurdles 15.16 h2 3 1.6 17
Ethan Lamb U20 110m Hurdles 15.31 F 5 -0.8 17
Lachlan Lamb U20 110m Hurdles 15.38 h1 4 0.5 18
Lachlan Lamb U20 110m Hurdles 15.86 F 8 -0.8 18
Ben Voogd U20 Hammer 54.79 F 7 16
Ben Voogd U18 Discus 43.78 F 10 16
Ben Voogd U18 Hammer 66.37 F 1 16
Ben Voogd U18 Shot Put 15.44 F 6 16
Ben Sandilands U20 Hammer 47.12 F 9 16
Ben Sandilands U18 Hammer 55.00 F 5 16
Tayleb Willis U17 110m Hurdles 14.77 h2 1 -0.1 16
Tayleb Willis U17 110m Hurdles 14.02 F 1 -0.5 U18 Club Record (by 0.01) 16
Tayleb Willis U17 Triple Jump 13.67 F 3 0.0 16
Ethan Harris U17 400m 50.93 h2 3 15
Ethan Harris U17 400m 50.03 F 5 CR U16 15
Ethan Harris U17 400m Hurdles 55.88 h2 1 CR U16 15
Ethan Harris U17 400m Hurdles 55.16 F 2 CR U16 in heat and final 15
Ruan Swanevelder U17 Discus 37.39 F 11 15
Ruan Swanevelder U17 Hammer 43.95 F 7 15
Evan Shedy U17 Discus 35.31 F 13 16
Evan Shedy U17 Shot Put 12.96 F 5 16
Evan Shedy U17 Hammer 46.09 F 4 16
Sylvia Dang U17 400m Hurldes 1:08.34 h1 5 15
Ella Hose U16 Discus 22.71 F 1 Para T/F38 74.7% 13
Ella Hose U16 Shot Put 9.79 F 1 Para T/F38 93.06% 13
Nathan Philactides U15 100m Hurdles 14.38 h2 2 0.3 14
Nathan Philactides U15 100m Hurdles 14.33 F 3 0.6 14
Nathan Philactides U15 200m Hurdles 28.91 h1 3 -0.6 14
Nathan Philactides U15 200m Hurdles 27.97 F 2 0.2 U16 Club Record 14
Dahami Liyanage U15 Triple Jump 10.43 F 11 0.8 13
Isabella Sallee U15 90m Hurdles 14.10 h2 5 0.7 14
Isabella Sallee U15 200m Hurdles 31.98 h1 5 -0.7 14
Peter Costanzo U14 400m 57.04 h1 1 13
Peter Costanzo U14 400m 56.60 F 3 13
Peter Costanzo U14 Triple Jump 11.45 F 2 -0.6 13
Peter Costanzo U14 800m 2:15.30 h3 3 q for final, but too ill to run in final 13
Peter Costanzo U14 4 x 100m 47.57 F 3 Started the relay in first. 13
Noah Thorpe U14 90m Hurdles 15.56 F 7 -0.3 12
Noah Thorpe U15 200m Hurdles 32.77 h2 8 -0.7 U15 is correct 12
Jackson Mooney U14 90m Hurdles 15.22 F 6 -0.3 13
Evangaline Cheung U14 80m Hurdles 13.43 h1 5 0.2 13
Evangaline Cheung U14 80m Hurdles 13.55 F 8 -0.9 13
Evangaline Cheung U14 Triple Jump 11.00 F 3 -0.2 U14 Club Record 13

The Masters Championships were held at the Doncaster Track over the weekend (23-24) March. Conditions were reasonably warm but not too hot. Certainly not as hot as the number of medals the athletes won and PBs recorded.

We will also be recording Age Best performances on our All Time lists. Give us time as this is a big project.

Competitor Age group Event Results Final or Heat Place Wind Comments Age
Trish Harris 40-44 100m 15.47 F 3 0 44
Sandra Geisler 40-44 1500m Walk 7.16.24 F 2 41
3km Walk 16.09.96 F 3 41
Nicole Johansen 45-49 Shot Put (4kg) 8.66 F 1 46
Discus (1kg) 32.59 F 1 46
Hammer (4kg) 32.95 F 2 46
Javelin (600g) 29.92 F 1 46
Weight throw (9.08kg) 9.88 F 2 46
Lisa Dellow 50-54 1500m 5.45.27 F 4 PB 52
Debbie Voogd 50-54 Triple Jump 5.39 F 2 -0.3 53
Hammer (3kg) 23.04 F 6 53
Weight throw (7.26kg) 6.7 F 2 53
Angela Edwards 50-54 Hammer (3kg) 28.01 F 3 53
Javenlin (500g) 21.05 F 4 53
Patrick Carroll 50-54 Shot Put (6kg) 12.14 F 1 50
Discus (1.5kg) 35.42 F 2 50
Hammer (6kg) 37.56 F 1 50
Javelin (700g) 31.82 F 2 50
Weight throw (13.74kg) 11.34 F 2 50
Kathy Green 55-59 60m 9.93 F 1 1.7 PB 57
100m 16.41 F 3 -1.4 PB 57
200m 34.11 F 2 0.02 PB 57
Narelle Messerle 60-64 Long jump 2.94 F 1 PB 60
Discus (1kg) 21.78 F 1 60
Hammer (3kg) 24.05 F 1 60
Javelin (500g) 18.59 F 2 60
Weight throw (5.45kg) 9.97 F 2 60
High Jump 1.05m F 3 60

The Victorian Milers Club in conjunction with Athletics Victoria hold a number meets through the season. These are well run and well graded and do provide a better more even standard of competition for members.

They also host the now very popular Victorian Open Mile Championships which are held at Melbourne Univertsity.

A number of athletes took advantage of these competitions to record PB.s

Milers Club Round 4 – 800m and 1500m
Albert Park
21 March 2019
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Sophie Stokes 800 2:35.69 3 F 14
Sophie Stokes 1500 5:26.08 5 F 14
Mitchell Graham 1500 5:07.64 10 H 18
Scott Benedict 1500 4:33.88 18 E 19
19 February 2019
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Milers Club Round 4 – 800m and Mile
Melbourne University
19 February 2019
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Sophie Stokes 800 2:39.20 6 H 14
Tom Sheridan 800 2:03.30 1 G 17
Scott Benedict 800 2:05.30 8 G 19
Peter Costanzo 800 2:12.20 2 M PB 13
Noah Thorpe 800 2:26.60 4 P 12
Mitchell Graham Mile 5:34.90 10 I 18
Sophie Stokes Mile 6:02.90 12 E 14
Milers Club Round 3 – 800m and 1500m
Box Hill
17 January 2019
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Ruby Crisp 800 2:28.40 2 F 16
Sophie Stokes 800 2:50.45 6 G 14
Tom Sheridan 800 2:02.40 2 F PB 17
Peter Costanzo 800 2:14.60 5 I PB 13
Ben Reid 800 2:17.55 1 J 18
Scott Benedict 1500 4:15.60 11 D PB 19
Milers Club Round 2 – 800m and 1500m
Box Hill
20 December 2018
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Ruby Crisp 800 2:27.67 4 F 15
Claire Hurley 800 2:38.61 4 G 16
Tom Sheridan 800 2:04.05 3 E PB 16
Peter Costanzo 800 2:15.40 2 I PB 12
Scott Benedict 1500 4:26.80 11 D 19
Thoms Dellow 1500 4:43.90 9 F PB 13
Ben Reid 1500 4:45.50 4 G PB 18
Milers Club Round 1 – 800m and 3k
Albert Park
8 November 2018
Competitor Event Time Place and Grade Comments Age
Ruby Crisp 800 2:26.69 2 D 15
Sophie Stokes 800 2:41.05 8 E 14
Tom Sheridan 800 2:04.33 4 C PB 16
Peter Costanzo 800 2:20.05 7 G 12
Mitchell Graham 800 2:21.75 2 H 18
Shannon McDade 3000 10:46.75 14 B 26
Tim Norton 3000 8:34.86 13 A 35
Scott Benedict 3000 9:28.84 4 F 19

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