lotto max combination play

Lotto max combination play

Easy Lotto Combo family, are “excel” based programs that concentrate on combination play. The Easy Lotto Combo family has recently grown and now includes:

Easy Lotto Combo 5 + PB – for Pick 5 type lottery with Power-Ball option

Easy Lotto Combo 6 – for Pick 6 type lottery with bonus

Easy Lotto Combo 7 – for Pick 7 type lottery with bonus
Easy Lotto Combo Keno – for Pick 10 of 20 type lottery

Easy Lotto Combo Sports – for V-T-H and Sport Pool lotteries

The programs are simple, very user friendly an d all run along the same premise, of combination play. You will no longer need a pencil to check your tickets because there is an automatic indicator built in, when your combination matches lottery results entered.

As an added bonus ,

if your lottery is set-up with free plays with every line, the free plays will be single tickets and not combinations. For example, there are Canadian lotteries that offer 2 free tickets with every play (lotto-max-7). If you play a 9 number combination from the lottery corporation (36 combinations), your 2 free tickets are also combinatons. With this program if you play the the 7 number 9 combination, you will have the 36 combinations for the 9 numbers picked and 72 random individual plays.

Allows you the best of both worlds.

The program will not pick the numbers or advise the most or least frequent numbers to surface. If that is what you are in search of, there are a thousand websites that can tell you frequency and historical facts. The programs essentially concentrate on a group of numbers and provide multiple combinations within that group. Once you have selected your numbers, the program will arrange the numbers so that every combination is covered and it will automatically compare your selection to lottery results (entered by you).

Although the programs are designed to help reduce the odds, ultimately you are selecting the numbers and essentially you are in charge of your own destiny.

EASY LOTTO COMBO is an Excel based program that allows you to create and check your combination against results entered by you. This is a brief introduction and explain how the odds are affected. Free sample available. ]]>