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How to install the app on Android

Allow “Unknown Sources”

Tick “Unknown Sources” under your device’s settings
Security > Application

Download App

Open the Download URL
on your smartphone

Install App & win

Open and install the apk file
and start playing for jackpots!

UK Lotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and more.

All the big jackpots at your fingertips!

The free lottery app allows you to bet on all the major worldwide lotteries and the current jackpot totals. As well as the well-known lotteries such as the UK National Lottery and Euro Millions, you also have Mega Millions and Powerball from America.

The lottoland app gives you everything you need to know from the time of the draws, the size of the jackpot rollover, and the all-important results with winning numbers.

Everything else important can be found here as well such as your account game history and transactions. If you require any help, have a suggestion or comment to make, you can also contact the Lottoland Customer Care team directly from the app.

QuickPick or your own numbers, wherever you are

Play Lotto on the go the smart way!

Choosing your lucky numbers is up to you, players have many strategies to select the right ones. The Lottoland app allows you to put in your own numbers on one of the lotteries.

Or for those that prefer to go with Lady Luck you can take the fast option and touch the QuickPick button. This means you get your play slip filled in automatically and with random numbers.

It is easy and uncomplicated, without having to choose numbers yourself. That way you can spend your time on the important things in life.

You can also choose to play the subscription option on your play slip so that your ticket automatically renews itself at the interval you choose from 1 week, 2, 4 or 8 weeks.

Join the millionaires’ club
courtesy of the Lottoland app…

Submit play slips instantly

Participating is easy

Submit your numbers for the lotteries you want to play by putting your play slips into the shopping cart. There, you can edit your play slips if you want to, and pay for them when you are done.

After you have paid you are participating in the next draw. From that moment on, you are in with a chance to win all the millions of your favourite lotteries.

“The Lottoland app is very well arranged and not as cluttered as other apps. With Lottoland’s app I can always see how my lucky numbers do in the draws, which jackpots are especially worthwhile and I can also try lotteries I’ve not heard of before.”

Lottoland makes millionaires

Tap yourself rich!

Once you have submitted your play slip you can lean back and relax, Lottoland handles everything else for you. In case you have won, Lottoland notifies you instantly. Of course, you can get all other relevant information and offers on your mobile phone too.

Take advantage of the Lottoland app and don’t miss out on any of the jackpots wherever you are.

Just take a look at the app store and get our app for free. It is available for your iPhone or for your Android smartphone, and regardless which one you use, you will be in prime position to the hunt for the jackpots.

The clever way to play Lotto on the move. Download the new and completely free Lottoland app now for your iPhone or Android! ]]>