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West Bengal man becomes India’s latest Lakhpati with Lottoland

New Delhi: World leading online lotto betting operator, Lottoland is thrilled to announce their first Lakhpati in India. 2020 is a year that plenty of people with want to forget, however for one man it is the year that changed his life forever!

Partho Mondal a customer service representative for a large international organization, lives in a busy household with his family in Malda, West Bengal. By the time Partho returned from an international work visit, he’s life would never be the same!

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email saying that I won. My first thoughts were – how could this be possible,” said Partho. When asked what he planned to do with his newfound wealth Partho commented, “I’ll be clearing my loans and helping some friends and family with the winnings, I want to save a lot of it for the future.”

Partho won on Malamaal Daily – a simple game where the user has to select 5 numbers between 1 and 42. If your numbers match the draw results you win!
Jackpot bet on: Malamaal Daily

Amount won: Rs. 5,286,953.34
Amount spent: Rs. 40

Numbers Matched: 5 from 5
“I like Malamaal Daily because its cheap and runs every day, my winning numbers are not special to me… whatever my mind says, I play!” said Partho. I think we can agree the winning numbers 3, 5, 14, 30, 31 will mean a lot more to Partho now.

A Lottoland representative said “It’s times like this that are very rewarding for all the staff at Lottoland. We have hundreds of thousands of Indian customers who have registered so to finally have our first big Indian winner is very special.”

Partho has now completed the quick and easy verification process with Lottoland and has had the money deposited in his bank account.

When asked on whether Partho had any final words of advice for those thinking about joining Lottoland? “Sign up and start playing, 2020 could also be life changing for you.”

Launched in 2013, Lottoland has grown rapidly to become the world leading online lotto betting provider, allowing people to bet on the outcome of lotteries from around the world – it has a range of jackpots on offer at any one time so that people can pick and choose how they want to bet. In August this year they are started accepting bets on International Sporting events offering competitive odds and an easy to use interface.

Lottoland has grown rapidly to become a world leader in online lotto betting.

Innovation, coupled with the freedom to offer players the ability to bet on lotteries from around the World to win huge jackpots has been key to the company’s success. In June 2018, Lottoland paid out EUR90 million to one lucky winner in Germany – this win has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the Largest online gambling payout.

The Gibraltar-based business is active in 15 markets, has over 350 employees, and more than 10 million customers worldwide. Lottoland is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar, the UK Gambling Commission, the Republic of Ireland National Excise License Office, the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli in Italy, the Northern Territory’s Racing Commission in Australia and has recently received licences from the Swedish Gambling Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

West Bengal man becomes India's latest Lakhpati with Lottoland »

Lottoland brings online lottery to India

To escape the monotonous life routine, the lottery plays a great role where a person has to shake hands with the exciting dilemma of hope and anxiety. What could be a better option than playing the lottery at the convenience of home, with just a click away? If the question of reliability pops up in your mind, then here we are sharing good news with you!

Lottoland, a renowned name in the world of lottery playing is coming to India as Lottoland India. Yes, you read it right & the wait is over! Now the citizens of India would be able to experience wonders too without worrying about the unauthorized organizers or any sort of scam.

Though playing the lottery is highly common in India, still there are people who do not have any idea about the Lottoland itself. Regular players of the lottery should know the pros of playing Lottoland and what this company has to offer, be it giving the experience of international lotteries or letting them play on an equal level irrespective of their bank balance.

Let us give you the idea from the start:

What is Lottoland?

Based in Gibraltar, Lottoland Limited is a private company offering enthusiastic bet grounds on the results of the biggest lotto draws. The company was started with just 7 employees in May 2013. By offering captivating bets, the company expanded worldwide, becoming the hub of online lotteries. It has now expanded to nearly 30 countries. Lottoland is licensed and properly regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling act 2005.

Surprisingly, when an interested lottery player makes an online bet on a specific lottery result, and luckily the player wins a bet, Lottoland pays the player directly within a blink of an eye.

No matter who the original lotto operator is, the winning money would be paid by Lottoland itself. There are stringent rules and regulations before entering the world of Lottoland, the first is being above 18years of age. Other rules are regarding the game, the primary one is that the company will not buy any lottery on behalf of any player or customer.

Other than the online lottery, Lottoland has a range of online games; including instant games to win, casino games and scratch card games with an exciting winning amount of up to one million euros.

How is Lottoland operated?

It is nothing like how the conventional lottery thing works. First thing which you need to have a grasp on is that Lottoland is not a lottery provider company; which means, there is no way you can buy lottery tickets from Lottoland because that is not how it works. Instead, here you need to make a bet on the result of an official draw, which could be the world’s biggest lottery.

All you need to do is choose the draw on which you have to bet, pick up your numbers, and submit back your line. The best part of such a bet is that you will be experiencing the same fun, excitement, and involvement as that of the official draw itself. Though, the only difference here is that Lottoland will be taking your bet and will be going to pay themselves if you win!

Here are some of the important points regarding Lottoland to clear out the misconceptions if you have any:

  • In case of winning a bet, the prize money can be as grand as you can imagine.
  • As promised, the prize money will be the same as that of the official draw prize
  • Known across the globe, Lottoland is undoubtedly capable of giving the promised winning amount to the winners.
  • You can withdraw your winning amount at any time you want.
  • The authenticity of getting the prize money can be evaluated via the fact that the bet price which everyone pays to Lottoland directly goes to their insurance policy plan which is used for the big prize amount imbursement if someone wins a jackpot or a higher bet.

Lottoland India:

The good news which everyone was waiting for is finally out here! Lottoland India is going to spread its wings in India. Having a separate website for Asian countries, India is now going to experience Lottoland. Through this website, Lottoland will be accepting Indian rupees as a currency.

Options for payment & withdrawal:

There are limited options offered by Lottoland India for making the payments and withdrawals. However, you do not have to worry as they are easy and convenient. If we talk about India, payment options are credit or debit cards, bank transfers and e-options like Skrill and Neteller.

The best part about Lottoland is that despite being an international company, it is offering the payments by Rupay card.

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and litecoin are not accepted by Lottoland when it is for the withdrawals or the payments.

Reasons to go for Lottoland India for playing online lottery:

  • Website is quite easy to access, use and navigate.
  • Various sort of slots game available, taking care of the players’ needs, time availability and credibility.
  • Separate website available for the lottery lovers playing from India, accepting INR currency
  • Different kinds of lotteries and winning games.
  • Responsible gambling is the motto of Lottoland, making it trustworthy for everyone.
Lottoland brings online lottery to India To escape the monotonous life routine, the lottery plays a great role where a person has to shake hands with the exciting dilemma of hope and anxiety. ]]>