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Multistate Mega Millions Lottery

Latest Draw Predictions Statistics: Fri 22 Jan 2021

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Lottery Broker Ticket Price from
The Lotter $2.50
LottoKings $3.50
Division Match Usual prize
1st Prize 5 numbers + Powerball $10,000,000
2nd Prize 5 numbers $1,000,000
3rd Prize 4 numbers + Megaball $5,000
4th Prize 4 numbers $500
5th Prize 3 numbers + Megaball $50
6th Prize 3 numbers $5
7th Prize 2 numbers + Megaball $5
8th Prize 1 number + Megaball $2
9th Prize Mega ball only $1
Thats why they call me Diamond

Harold Diamond, a 80-year-old retired principal, has gained a brand new status, which is the biggest winner in state lottery history, since he nailed the largest ever NY lottery jackpot as reported on. read more

A Man Winning the Lottery Jackpot after Being Dumped by His .

Sandeep Singh’ ex girlfriend must be very sorry for dumping him just days before he won the lottery and became a millionaire. The 22 year-old . read more

Nebraska Mega Million’s $1 million lottery won in Humboldt

An ex-prison guard, Herbert Carlin, took a long journey to Lincoln on Monday, August 6, 2012 to claim his prize from Mega Million Lottery. It was reported that Carlin managed to grab $ 1 million in th. read more

USA Mega Millions is a lottery game which is played in almost all states in the USA. This game has actually been in existence since 1996 but it had different name. It was called the Big Game and played in only a few states: Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts and Georgia.

Although it used to be just played by a small number of participants, this lottery game soon became very popular in the next years marked by the participation of the state of New Jersey in 1997 and other states in the following years consecutively. This game reached its top popularity in 2002 when its name was changed into ‘Mega Millions’. More and more states officially joined the game and there are 42 states and 44 jurisdictions take part in this game now and the number of participants is going to increase presumably.

The reason why this game can be very popular is because it has one of the biggest jackpots that participants can win. Since there was cross-sell expansion of Mega Million with the Powerball in 2010, it even becomes much bigger as more states allow the selling of Powerball tickets together with the Mega Million tickets. However, this system is not followed by all states as some jurisdictions state that this kind of system is illegal. The cross-sell expansion of Mega Million with the Powerball takes this lottery game into fame and attracts more people to join. As more participants take part in the game, the amount of money won in the states gets bigger and bigger from year to year. On March 30, 2012, it reached the biggest jackpot of $656 million was drawn in three winning states, Maryland, Illinois and Kansas.

There are two ways of claiming the prize from this lottery. The winners can take it cash or through the annuity or installments systems. By taking the cash, winners can get all the money won in the game. However, most big jackpots are usually taken in installments in several years. The installment systems will allow the winners to get more money but they will receive it in longer period.

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