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How do I enter for second chances?

For a limited time, designated games may allow players to enter second-chance drawings.

You can also scan-to-enter using the Pennsylvania Lottery’s official mobile app.

To submit entries, you must be enrolled in our VIP Players Club. It’s free to join; you only need an email address.

Keep track of entry deadlines. We suggest entering as soon as possible after purchasing your ticket.

Entries are not accepted by email or postal mail. The rules do not allow late entries to be submitted for any reason, including technical issues.

Remember: second-chance drawings are limited-time promotions. Games may remain for sale after these promotions have ended.

How do I enter for second chances? For a limited time, designated games may allow players to enter second-chance drawings. You can also scan-to-enter using the Pennsylvania Lottery’s official

PA Lottery bonus code: Enter LOTTOPA to claim your $500 welcome deal

by Football Whispers

As the only regulated online lottery site in PA, we highly recommend that you check out this PA Lottery bonus code breakdown to see what rewards could be in store should you sign up.

PA Lottery bonus code for 2021 : Use LOTTOPA to get the best offer

The PA Lottery platform is the one and only government-approved ‘lottery site’ in Pennsylvania that supports online lottery play and other instant games. The site provides players with easy access to some of the largest lotteries in the state, and around the USA too. To add to this excitement, new players can sneak a rather large welcome bonus through using our PA Lottery bonus code – just below for full details.

PA iLottery is currently offering $5 FREE Bonus Money upon Sign up with the PA iLottery bonus code LOTTOPA. And that’s not all! PA iLottery is also offering a 1st Deposit Bonus of 100% up to $250. In other words, the lottery will match a player’s first deposit, dollar for dollar, up to $250. Players must simply enter our exclusive bonus code to take advantage.

Click the button above to reveal the PA Lottery bonus code

As stressed in the introduction above, you will need to enter our exclusive PA iLottery bonus code to get your hands on this awesome welcome reward. But with this said, you still need to know what this bonus code is in the first place. Here’s the good news – finding this code could not be easier, for you can see the code by simply clicking the button highlighted in the table above. Note that by clicking this button, not only will you see the necessary bonus code for such a substantial welcome reward, but you will also be taken directly to where you need to be on the PA Lottery site to sign up.

Things really don’t get much simpler than that, and since we are constantly updating this page, you can be sure that the bonus code that is shown is both valid and up to date. Before we continue, we must state that this bonus code is for exclusive use by new customers, who will also need to make a new PA Lottery account to claim the offer. We’ve run through how to do this in the very next section.

Signing up with this PA iLottery bonus code

In order to grab this PA iLottery sign up offer, you are going to have to open a new account so that you can access the site, to begin with. This is actually really easy to do on the PA Lottery site, and if you click through to the site on our links above, you will be taken directly to the registration page. Once you are on this registration page, there are a few key bits of information that you must provide so that PA Lottery will allow you to have an online account with them.

Basically, this means that you will need to be over the age of 21, which is why you’ll have to provide your full name and date of birth. On top of this, since the site is regulated by the Pennsylvanian government, you must also prove that you have a registered address within PA borders. Assuming that you meet these restrictions, you will be good to go and you can set up an account in no time at all.

Before we continue, we must point out a critical step in the sign-up process. During the first couple of pages when you are registering, you will be given the chance to actually enter the PA Lottery bonus code so that the offer is applied. This absolutely has to be done as a new customer, as this is what will unlock the huge deposit bonus of up to $500!

Beyond this, it is then up to you whether you want to opt-in for any kind of marketing materials and whether you want to set any limits on your account. These limits can include playing time limits and/or deposit limits, but it’s completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Depositing funds into your PA Lottery account

By now, you will have seen that the welcome bonus that is open to all new customers with PA Lottery is a deposit match promotion. This works as a 100% deposit match for all players who are making their first deposit, and the maximum potential reward here is a whopping $500. To qualify for such an offer, you must deposit at least $10 into your account, to begin with. Within the terms and conditions, it doesn’t actually state that you must make your first deposit with any particular method, so the choice is yours here.

Now, on the subject of choosing your deposit options, PA Lottery has quite a selection for members wanting to add funds to their balance. You can see the available methods below:

  • ACH (e-check)
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • WebCash
  • PayNearMe
  • Play+

New members may use any of these methods to top up their accounts, but do keep in mind the $10 minimum that applies for those wanting to lock in the welcome boost. Deposits can also be made through the mobile site or the desktop site, and regardless of the method you end up using, the funds will be instantly available in your PA Lottery account. The site doesn’t charge any fees for players to make deposits.

Meeting the qualifying conditions of the welcome offer

The good thing about the PA iLottery bonus code is that not only does it ensure that members can obtain this enticing offer, but it actually sets you up to grab one of the easiest welcome bonuses of all. This is because all you need to do to qualify for the welcome reward is enter the bonus code and make a deposit of at least $10. There is literally nothing more to it than that, and you don’t need to then go and spend your money on any eligible games to receive the bonus.

This is quite different from other sites that require you to make a deposit and then spend the funds before any kind of bonus credits are added to your account.

How to actually receive the welcome bonus at PA Lottery

Once you meet the pre-requirements of the welcome bonus with PA Lottery, which is to deposit over $10 first of all, you are then classed as being eligible for the offer. Now, while the total bonus amount that you will receive is based on the amount that you deposit, you actually need to wager this deposit through before it is then eligible to be used as cash. There is an entire 30 day period that you have to wager this bonus through, and you will be notified via email by PA Lottery with the amount that you are eligible to receive.

This initial email will come through to your account within 3 business days, but you do not need to accept the bonus or click any further links, for it is automatically applied. Then at the end of the 30 days (or sooner), you will then receive another email stating that you have met the wagering requirements and that your bonus funds are now available as cash.

Understanding the wagering requirements of the offer and how to meet them

We have touched upon wagering requirements in the section above, but you need to know what these are in order to get a full picture of the welcome offer. As identified in the PA iLottery terms and conditions, the bonus requirements currently stand at 10x. This means that if you want to actually unlock your bonus funds and receive them in cash, you would need to wager through the initial deposit value by an amount of 10x. For example, if you deposited $100 for your first deposit, you would need to then wager through $1,000 before the $100 in bonus funds is converted into cash and added to your account.

This is why it is very important to consider whether you could meet these wagering conditions before going ahead and depositing a bunch of money. Just to reiterate how important – if you deposited the full $500 to get the maximum bonus, you would need to wager through $5,000 before the funds are converted and ready to be used or withdrawn as cash.

As you can see, this is a pretty large amount of money for most people, so do think about it before jumping ahead and depositing more than you could realistically afford. On a positive note, there is always the chance that you could win some cash when trying to meet the wagering requirements. This means that you are essentially meeting the wagering conditions by wagering through winnings as opposed to the initial deposit.

This is obviously not guaranteed, but it will become a reality for some people.

After completing the PA Lottery sign up offer – what next?

Once you have worked your way through the PA Lottery welcome bonus, you can then proceed to enjoy a ton of different things on the site. Since the platform has some of the best lotteries and instant games in the USA, there’s plenty on offer! We’ve discussed what you could do next in the sections below.

Top 3 games to play

Xpress sports – Derby Cash

Although many think that PA Lottery just provides access to some of the largest lotteries around, you might be intrigued to learn that the site also offers virtual sports betting. It actually has two different virtual sports you can wager on, including motor car racing, and Derby Cash. In our opinion, Derby Cash is a bit more enjoyable compared to virtual sports betting for motor car racing. It’s pretty cool that there is a virtual horse race taking place every 4 minutes with PA Lottery, which makes this a pretty consistent and fast-paced product to check out.

Of course, you can watch the race take place too thanks to the streaming software that PA Lottery uses – and each of the 12 horses that participate in every event has different chances of winning. Basically, you can check out these virtual odds, make your wager, and sit back to watch the event unfold.

Fast Play – High Voltage Cash

As we’ve mentioned previously, fast play games give you the chance to purchase a scratchcard style ticket and then instantly see the result. This is much more effective on time, and the prizes are just as good as the regular scratch card games. With High Voltage Cash, you can pick up a ticket for just $5, and the top prize is a whopping $50,000. There are 4 cards that contain this enormous cash prize, yet prizes also go down all the way to $100, of which there are more than 1,500 prizes available.

We like this game as it also has a unique ‘lightning bolt bonus’, where the prize is then multiplied by the number that is displayed in the relative section. It’s also exciting to anticipate whether you could have the card that has this feature, but if not – at least you will have a lot of fun playing the game.

Cash 4 Life – PA Lottery

Our final ‘game’ you can play is the Cash 4 Life lottery that the site supports. If you haven’t played these kinds of lotteries before, these are the ones where you will receive a consistent stream of income for a set amount of time rather than win the huge cash payout with regular lotteries. Some people prefer to play these games of lotteries, not just because they are exciting to play, but because the prize is one that will quite literally last for life in many instances. This doesn’t mean that your chances of winning are greater, but the prize is obviously rather desirable – especially when the top prize is $1,000 per day!

PA Lottery play on mobile

Although you need to be based in PA to play the lotteries and games that are listed on the site, this doesn’t mean you need to be stuck at home to access your account. In fact, the PA lottery mobile app provides the perfect platform to access your account with ease, and this app is currently accessible for those with an Android device. Of course, the benefit of downloading the app is that you can then open up the app and log into your account from wherever you might be in the state, and the app performs much better than the mobile site.

As identified above, the app is only available for Android players right now, so those with an Apple device will need to visit the mobile site to play. While that might be seen as a bit of an inconvenience, it still means that PA lottery can be accessed on mobile by all kinds of players. Coming back to the mobile app, there are quite a few desirable features that are contained in the app, not to mention the fact that the app is super easy to use! These features include the ability to make deposits, scan your tickets, enter all of the lotteries, and even play the other games that are listed on the main desktop site.

In our experience, the games perform just as well on the mobile app as they do on the desktop counterpart. And when you are purchasing your tickets for some of the largest lotteries, your transaction is usually completed within a few seconds. This theme of quick processing speeds remains constant throughout the app, which allows for a superior performance compared to mobile apps for alternative lottery sites.

Turn on notifications for the app

Since you just never know when PA Lottery might release new games or come up with new promotions, you should enable notifications from both the mobile app and the desktop site. This can be done once you’ve signed up, by specifying that you wish to receive marketing materials with such details. But from the mobile app, all you need to do is toggle on notifications so that these will pop-up on your smartphone as and when something new becomes available. This makes it far easier to stay on top of everything and to get the most out of your account.

Play the largest lotteries

As you already know, the PA Lottery platform provides you with direct access to some of the most prestigious lotteries in the USA. If you are in the hunt for enormous payouts, you will want to try and participate in the lotteries that have the largest prizes. This includes the likes of the Powerball and Mega Millions, both of which have jackpot payouts that are well into the millions. Tickets can be purchased for just a few dollars for these games through your PA Lottery account, which of course, means that you don’t need to drag yourself out to the store to buy a ticket!

Explore the new games

As nice as it is to have access to such enormous lotteries and other instant games, it’s always important to keep your online betting experience as fresh as possible. The good thing about this is that PA Lottery gives all players a huge helping hand in keeping things as recent and as fresh as possible, as it regularly publishes new games on the site. In fact, there’s a whole section that is specifically reserved for new games, with PA iLottery adding titles to this section every few weeks. At the time of writing, two of the newer games include Cauldron of Cash and Winning Web, which are scratchcard style games for players to try.

Continue to look for reload promotions

We’ve already established in this post that PA Lottery has a great sign up offer for new customers to claim, but it also comes up with ongoing promotions for current customers from time to time. If you choose to opt-in for marketing materials on the site, you will receive emails or SMS messages notifying you of fresh promotions that are available. To claim such bonuses, all you need to do is sign into your account, and then meet the pre-requirements just like you need to do for the welcome bonus.

Try out other sites

If you’re a resident of another state who can’t sign up to this ilottery, why not try the Michigan Lottery promo code instead? Or perhaps the New Hampshire Lottery promo code.

PA Lottery bonus code – FAQs

Can I actually access my account on mobile?

Absolutely. Once you’ve signed up for a PA Lottery account, which can also be done from mobile, you can simply log in from the mobile site to gain access to all of the same features of the desktop site. You just need to make sure that you are located within PA borders to do so, as this is always checked by the site with the use of geolocation technology.

Is the customer support team easy to reach?

Yes. The site actually has a live chat widget that you can access once logged in, but you can also contact the team via phone or email.

Is there any kind of loyalty or VIP program in place on the site?

Yes, there is. By joining the VIP program, which is free to do, you will become eligible to receive exclusive perks including second chance entries for lotteries and even extra bonuses.

How can I check my ticket for lotteries?

If you access your account on mobile, you can simply scan your ticket QR code to see whether you have won anything from your entry. It literally takes seconds to do this from your app, and if you are fortunate enough to have won anything, you can follow the steps necessary to go and collect your cash.

Should I verify my account once I’ve signed up?

Absolutely. This is something that the site will request from you anyway, but by doing this as soon as you have registered you will avoid any unwanted hurdles further down the line. This can include restrictions on deposits, withdrawals, and more.

Should I trust the PA Lottery site?

Yes, you should definitely trust the PA Lottery site. Not only is this site official and endorsed by the governing bodies in Pennsylvania, but the site is already home to thousands of members that use the site on a daily basis.

PA Lottery bonus code: Enter LOTTOPA to claim your $500 welcome deal • by Football Whispers As the only regulated online lottery site in PA, we highly recommend that you check out this PA ]]>