powerball system

Why Powerball?

Your advantages with Powerball

  • Easy installation – Plug and Play
    The Powerball Systems AG ensures cheap system-prices, without additional work from an installer. Powerball storages can be installed quickly and easily by any certified professional electrician. We focus on keeping procedures and systems as easy as possible to save time and money for our installation/assembly-experts and the end consumer.
  • Powerball adapts to your individual needs

Night current
Powerball storage systems organises your energy purchase. For instance, if you get the chance to buy cheap night current, the powerball storage will store this energy for times at higher rates or redirects it directly to the consumer.

Consumption peaks
You pay for consumption peaks, but do you want to change it? With powerball storages energy is available at your home network within split-seconds and keeps you independent from the line current in times of consumption peaks. After all, Switzerland also charges private consumers for consumption peaks. In such a case, a Powerball storage will reduce your costs and keeps you more independent from the line current.

PV-Active feed peaks
A Powerball system storage does not only offer immediate energy during times of consumption peaks, but also reduces active feed peaks of your photovoltaic system during high insolation. Instead of redirecting your produced energy into the public energy network, it is stored and you can use it for yourself after sunset. Thus, the public network is discharged, you have done a good stroke of business and remain independent.

Weather forecast
We are currently preparing the Powerball weather forecast. Sunshine or Rain – Your Powerball storage is always informed about the weather, which helps to calculate and coordinate the energy production, electricity consumption and energy storage.

  • Automated software updates
    As required your powerball system will always be updated via a SSL-encoded online software-update. This is a chargeable auxiliary service.
  • Powerball batteries are maintenance free
    For its storages Powerball systems uses maintenance free lead-calcium batteries. The capsuled storage cells guarantee a maximum lifespan at highest security standard. After their usage duration, the batteries can be completely recycled with an approved technique.
  • Powerball storage – economical without sponsorship
    When it comes to storages, economic viability is still a hot topic, as most storages are just too expensive. This does not apply to Powerball storage. The production process of the Powerball systems AG ensures that the system pays off after 10 to 20 years. We are manufacturing in Switzerland and only use swiss quality products for our main components such as charge controller or inverter.
  • Weather forecast 100% recyclable
    We believe that environmental engineering only make sense if it is sustainable from its production to its disposal. Therefore, Powerball-Systems uses lead-calcium batteries for its storages and disclaims the usage of lithium ion batteries, as those batteries can not be completely recycled with current technology. In contrast, the materials employed for lead-calcium batteries can be reused through established techniques, which is verifiably guaranteed at 100%. At the same time, Powerball storages are designed to be usable with other batteries in future. Thus, if there should be batteries in future that will perform better and have the same security level, as well as recycling possibilities like lead-calcium-batteries, they can be easily applied in Powerball storage systems and even in existing plants.
  • Extensible anytime – Even after many years
    Extending the capacity of a storage system after 2 or 3 years, for example because the heating will be changed from fossil to heat pump and consequently needs more energy, is a problem for most storage systems. Usually the new battery would destroy the old one in such a case. Fortunately, Powerball-Systems is different, as in a Powerball-System each component works independently from each other. Hence, the capacity and performance of a Powerball-System storage can be extended without problems even after many years.
Viele Vorteile mit Powerball Speicher: Die Powerball Systems AG garantiert günstige Systempreise, Einfache Installation – Plug and Play und vieles mehr ]]>